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About Denise

Denise Pollard, MSN, APRN, BC

Denise Pollard is a board certified Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Chemistry from the College of Saint Mary. She worked in the pharmaceutical industry as a chemist. She attended the University of Nebraska Medical Center for both her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing and Master’s of Science in Nursing degrees. Ms. Pollard has an extensive background Obstetrics and Gynecology. During her practice in OB/Gyn, she found that many of her patients were suffering from symptoms related to hormone imbalance. This sparked Ms. Pollard to continue her education and become certified in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. In 2010, Ms. Pollard was certified and began using bio-identical hormone pellet therapy with her patients. She began seeing vast improvements in the symptoms they were having and their overall health and wellness. She is now a physician mentor with Bio TE Medical and lends her expertise to physicians that are new to Bio-identical Hormone pellet therapy. Aside from working with hormone patients, Denise also focuses her practice around migraine management, thyroid disorders, weight management, and aesthetics, which she has received advanced training in injectable and laser aesthetic procedures. Denise takes great pride in listening to her patient’s needs and the excellent care she provides to them. Ms. Pollard is a member of Nebraska Nurse Practitioners and The American Academy of Nurse Practitioners